A Glorious Dawn: Humanity Renascent

Thanks to Maranium, a heavy fissile gas found deep in planets’ cores, humanity has finally begun to spread in earnest throughout the galaxy. Over a thousand years of prosperity and claim over so much space has come at the cost of the very unity that brought mankind from their home into the stars. Rival corps, nations, planets, and even entire systems have been engaging in minor skirmishes for centuries. A masterfully crafted plot has been unfolding for years, and while the galaxy teeters on the brink of all out war, one man plans to plunge it into utter chaos.

There are those, however, who still fight for unity. NEG Marshals have been settling disputes and ‘negotiating for peace’ — often at a massive cost to life — for as long as humans could breathe other atmospheres. Now, Lieutenant Ryai, a disgraced and forgotten officer sentenced to indentured duty on the frontier worlds, is faced with overwhelming odds, a vast conspiracy… and a chance at everlasting peace within all of humanity.

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