The Books

The Human Trilogy is composed of three titles set in three time periods: Life After, set on Earth in a possible near future, A Glorious Dawn, set in the distant future across the Milky Way, and Empire, set at the end of the universe. All of this is part of the Continuum.

Life After: Humanity Ruined is speculative fiction, forecasting a terrifying possible future we all face here and now, while striving to illustrate the human ability to overcome even the most horrific of disasters.

A Glorious Dawn: Humanity Renascent is sci-fi noir, a detective story that shifts to a much grander plot as the true natures of the protagonist and antagonist are revealed.

Empire: Humanity Triumphant is a space opera, an epic of epics to tell of humanity coming to terms with its responsibilities as a species in a universe teeming with other forms of life… and more.

The Human Trilogy is about what we are.

It is about what we face.

It is about what we can become.

It is about what we must do.

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