Empire: Humanity Triumphant

The third and final book of The Human Trilogy finds the titular race the currently elected leader species in The Council of Ages, an assembly of the various super sentient species across the Continuum. The Almighty Sol Empire comes into power within the Council as an invasion looms — in the shadows of dead planets in the birthplace of the universe. Older species hide secrets from the primates they’ve thrust into power, hoping that humanity will be weakened by the coming threat, unaware of the true nature of the ancient enemy heading their way.

In the Sol II system, the Throne of Knowledge must both come to grips with the loss of Earth, origin of all mankind, while also maintaining the peace amongst dozens of species in the Council’s domain. One Throne member sees the threats to humanity both within and outside of the Almighty Sol Empire, but fears her voice will be silenced by her controversial studies of quantum AI — an attempt to gain Divine understanding of reality and what lies beyond it. There is but a single path that will allow for the survival of free will and of life itself, and no matter the opposition, she must be the one to show all the way.

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