Spring 2027 — Canadian Coalition states declared independence. They closed and militarized their borders. Initial attempts by NAC leadership to recapture the territories by surgical and then strategic military action were soundly defeated. Discontent and disruption in the populace reached an all-time high.

Summer 2027 — Most Mexican Coalition forces that were not already corrupt were either killed or expelled by Mestozilian cartels: gangs that came from the former Brazilian nationalist state, integrating with the then-conquered Colombian cartels. Operating in Old Mexico since it wasOld, they now had free run of the country and its NAC weaponry. This secession was basically ignored by the NAC leadership, who were concentrating on internal strife and the looming downfall of their European Union allies.

Fall 2027 — Texas and a few former states and counties on its borders seceded to become the Lone Star Confederacy. NAC loyalists fled, converted, or, in some cases, died. The response from the NAC was swift, harsh, and ultimately ineffective, as the well-armed populace supported by the standing LSC Army (mostly comprised of former NAC local military) were fully capable of defending their own lands. In October of 2027, the LSC deployed tactical nuclear weaponry on the Mestozilian cartels. They reasoned that they formed their independence on the standing threat of said cartels, and as such, this military action was the will of the people, but the message was clear: any violation of the newly declared sovereignty of the LSC territories would be met with brutal force.

Winter 2027 — NAC made another push for LSC territory, and the choice to do so led to the Great Secession, and the end of any semblance of unity in what was once the proud United States. The secession started with Washington, California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. By the new year, the area west of the Mississippi was composed of the North Western States, South Western Territories, Mid Western Union, and miscellaneous smaller factions inside the Lone Star Confederacy.

Spring 2028 — The remaining puppet masters in the NAC were subverted by a military coup, and the territory was rebranded as the Eastern United Front. The other states quickly formed the Western State Coalition, taking the name in part to prod at the failings of the EUF to maintain separation of military and government. The EUF immediately engaged in full war, actively pushing into LSC and MWU territory.

The SRAC began a military campaign into Germany which ended quickly with the help of citizen revolts inside the European powerhouse. This was quickly followed by a ‘People’s Revolution’ in France, led by SRAC insurgents, which destabilized the French government and allowed for a rapid ‘democratic’ takeover by SRAC military and bureaucracy.

Fall 2028 — After months of devastating war, the WSC and EUF ground to a halt against each other as the rest of the world crumbled in the background. Africa and China stormed the rest of Europe from the south while Russia blitzed in from the north and east. While full thermonuclear war was averted due to the Anti-Nuclear Weapons Ban of 2020, dirty bombs and tactical strikes leveled cities around the globe. The EUF and WSC war escalated to include such attacks by the time winter came, though the use of nuclear weaponry was largely avoided in the former U.S. — sufficiently advanced thermobaric technology allowed for “cleaner” forms of total annihilation.

All sides in all conflicts were running thin on resources to feed their populations, let alone wage the wars they were currently engaged in. The SRAC was only able to continue the push into Europe through the use of labor camps for dissenting citizens of occupied territories. These camps were primarily located in Africa, where agricultural modernization was finally taking place at the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Winter 2028 — Known as The Dark Winter. So called for the mass blackouts and terrifying casualties. Disease, exposure, starvation, and murder, be it in battle or in bed, took a heavy toll on the human population. The SRAC pushed further into Europe, with the first SRAC air raids on London starting in December. As the remaining loyalist government forces fought back against the coming armies, much of the civilian population turned to the SRAC as their best hope against what they saw as corrupt regimes — this was most famously evidenced when Irish freedom fighters suicide bombed Big Ben, destroying the famous British landmark and further demoralizing the English population’s resistance movement.

The lightning storms resulting from the heavy use of thermonuclear weaponry spread across great stretches of the sky, and hampered attempts to reestablish arable land around more than half the globe. Continued droughts in even once-tropical climates brought about the total collapse of agriculture. Turbulent climate chaos flooded coastal cities around the planet and created super storms beyond the measure of any conventional meteorological designation.

Without the available resources to carry on even a facade of normalcy, all semblances of economy, wealth, and value started to disappear. Human dignity took a backseat to greed and desperation. Life had become merely a matter of survival as the world’s infrastructure rapidly crumbled.

Spring 2029 — Still fighting for control of a dying nation, the Great Civil War resumed in full with the thawing of the North American continent. Both the EUF and WSC seemed unconcerned with the impending fall of Europe and what it could mean for the rest of the world. The continued push by the SRAC into Europe had put infantry onto English soil. Desperate nuclear attacks dotted the globe as the remaining armies began to fight their last wars.

As the lights went out in Europe, a cabal of scientists and former men and women of global influence, located in a bunker underneath Winchester Cathedral, decided to release SNV: an experimental retrovirus that was originally designed as a last resort defense. The virus quickly killed any exposed human being, without exception, but also had the capability to piggy back into the blood stream of other oxygen-consuming life, making it incredibly effective at breaking sieges and routing invading forces. A weapon of this kind could never have been used in eras prior, despite the controllers of the virus having developed earlier versions of the cellular reaper decades before — no nation could have stood by and watched the horror of such a thing unleashed even on a small, tactical scale.

A tactical scale was impossible for SNV, however, as extended time in the nutrient baths used for replication led to an unprecedented and unaccounted-for concentration of the virus in each of the many miniature warheads. The amount released and the nature of Earth’s atomically disturbed atmosphere caused the virus to spread over five hundred times the intended ‘defensive’ deployment area. Vast swaths of the globe were exposed on the morning of April 19th, and the human species suffered the greatest population drop in its existence.

In affected areas, only those in effective shelters survived. The human population was reduced to less than five percent its number in 2016.

Summer 2029 — People across the world not dead from the virus emerged into a silent existence. All fighting had stopped. There were no governments, no powers. Industry, business, life as it has been understood, was gone. Food had become poison, the sky a deadly remnant of the firestorms that consumed the cities of Earth. Those that prepared and survived tried to carry on. Many failed. Some managed to live.

Humanity continues.


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