2023 — To prevent a mass exodus of upper class citizens looking to strike out on their own, the NAC locked down the major cities, promising that it was only a temporary measure to ensure the safety of those in the Territory Capitals. This was reinforced through the media, but a growing number of citizens found their way around the SCOUT system, accessing amateur and retired journalists.

Most famously, a comedian removed from television in 2016 for questioning the government now led an underground press movement, where people investigated, collaborated, and exchanged information freely, sharing with anyone who could access it. Though NAC leadership had assembled a task force to locate him and his compatriots, smart technology use and a growing underground movement allowed them to hide and continue to speak out.

2024 — The SRAC began to practice air and naval exercises in North African and Eastern European countries, drawing condemnation from the NAC and EU. However, as the SRAC was responsible for more than seventy percent of the world’s gross domestic product, they found themselves disinterested in the cries of the West, and continued to flaunt their military strength.

As violence and corruption overtook the Trade Union to the south, the NAC closed its national borders, barring citizens from traveling to other nations for any reason for “fear of their safety.”

2025 — The NAC dissolved the individual Territories within its borders, becoming a federalized military / police state. Riots and threats of secession began immediately.

The Council of Leaders addressed the world in a global broadcast, overriding normal NAC and EU frequencies, calling to all people of the world to unite against oppression and tyranny, and inviting them to join the SRAC. The EU immediately responded with several high brow conferences, and even organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and the Project for the New American Century called emergency sessions. Several prominent NAC citizens and Governors as well as various directors of major NAC departments left for the meetings. The isolationist stance the NAC claimed to maintain seemed to be a facade, though only a minority of the population was able to gain access to any actual investigative journalism that might have revealed these facts.

No military action commenced, though the NAC was quick to announce the refielding of the Joint Strike Fighter and Raptor aircraft programs, reasserting Western air superiority. Talk of a second Cold War began, and the NAC even started to sell bomb and chemical weapon shelters through its nationalized corporations, both reinforcing the idea of a great looming enemy in the SRAC while filling the national coffers for possible war.

Spring 2026 — The NAC began mass deportations, kicking out all non-citizens, including visiting aliens. With few exceptions, each territory was relatively ‘alien free’ as raids into homes by NAC commandos cleared out most immigrant shelters from Old Canada to Old Mexico. Protests against the NAC intensified.

Summer 2026 — The NAC Governor’s Board established the Freedom MARKet, a subdermal implant to serve as both an identifier for the implanted citizen, as well as an electronic payment system tied to individual finances. This was done under the auspices of increasing the strength of the NAC economy and guaranteeing safety for the average NAC citizen. It was initially a volunteer program, with the stated goal of being mandatory by the turn of the decade. Many celebrities and politicians made grand press statements about the ease of the operation and the comforts and security offered by the implant. Government subsidies made it very easy for many vendors to switch to MARKet standard trade.

Fall 2026 — Anonymous, a global hacktivist organization, revealed that the Freedom MARKet had an undocumented feature. The power cells in the sub-dermal implants, fueled by the bio-electric energy of the human body, were capable of both receiving and sending charges. While the NAC Governors attempted to initially discredit the report, several educational institutions took in volunteers who had been implanted to remove and study the Freedom MARKet devices. As Anonymous’ claims were verified, theories about the purpose of the discharge feature started traveling word-of-mouth across the Territories — the media and press didn’t carry the story. They focused instead on denouncing the SRAC’s growing military buildup along the EU’s borders.

Anonymous followed up their initial revelation by illustrating with a kidnapped NAC Governor that the MARKet implants were capable of delivering incredibly violent levels of ‘discouragement’ when remotely triggered. The video, before it was censored by SCOUT, was seen in millions of homes. What started as a disturbing recording of a man being electro-shocked turned into an enraged call for resistance against the NAC as people who saw it realized the implications: the NAC had a crowd control device built into anyone who was participating in the Freedom MARKet.

Winter 2026 — The “scarring” movement, as it later became known, was in full swing. The majority of Freedom MARKet volunteers removed their implants at home, many destroying them in the process. A few deaths were trumped up by the NAC as reason to not trust the video report from Anonymous, but the constant re-appraisal by Governors as to the actual reason for the shock feature led to an angry citizenry and increased protests against the federal state both in-continent and abroad.

The NAC arrested several Anonymous members, and jailed them “pending trial.”


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