2012 — As the economies of many southern European countries collapsed, increased oil prices and decreased production further aggravated the issues plaguing the petroleum-based industrial world. Oil-based plastics, fertilizers, and pesticides threatened the medical and agricultural foundations of the modern era, while rising fuel costs only worsened the situation. Restless populations across Europe began a ‘European Spring’ of protests and demonstrations, mirroring the ‘Arab Spring’ the year before.

A largely stalled Occupy movement in the United States attempted to resurrect the anti-government protests in America only to find that new laws made it even easier to arrest dissidents en masse and hold them indefinitely without charge. Without the human, political, or logistical resources necessary to continue the fight, the majority of people fighting for global equality had no choice but to go home and go back to work, or starve to death on the streets.

Asian markets continued to suffer for the indignities of the Western powers, and China began trading off some its holdings of the dollar to various bidders. American political rhetoric continued to insist on recovery while investors and analysts feared the collapse of a giant and the accompanying shock waves. As American economic power waned, the military took a more prominent role both at home as peace keepers and crowd control, and overseas as managers of recently overthrown nations. Along with NATO, the United States ‘kept the peace’ in the world’s most volatile areas — however, most civilian populations in these nations resented the presence of foreign troops on their own soil, and guerrilla insurgencies in the occupied territories only grew in strength.

2013 — In June, a failed coup in Venezuela was revealed to have been instrumented in a joint operation by the Central Intelligence Agency and Israel’s Mossad, leading to public demonstrations across the globe against the American and Israeli governments. OPEC, in a surprising response to the action against one of its member states, switched trade of its oil to the ever stronger yuan, dealing what many analysts considered twin fatal blows to the U.S. and EU economies.

The American government claimed that the agents in Venezuela were rogue and acting on their own, and dismantled the agencies involved. Months later the President announced the formation of the Department of Homeland Investigation, folding the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security into this new organization. In December, an exposé revealed that most of the members of the top secret and highly funded DHI were hired directly from not just the FBI and DoHS, but from the CIA and NSA as well (including all agents involved in the Venezuelan plot that weren’t apprehended or killed in-country). While the mainstream press ignored the story, the government still quickly issued an official denial. Further denouncements rolled in from across the globe, but the American government and people soldiered forward.

The rioting in London, which had been taking place on and off for two years, finally came to a violent crescendo when multiple members of the royal family around England were murdered by various organized mobs on November 5th. Groups that had organized in secret online planned a multi-pronged suicide surge against several estates and autumn homes of Dukes, Earls, and various other symbolic nobles in the British Isles. An attempt was even made on Buckingham Palace, but was soundly defeated by the Life and Grenadier Guards.

The U.K.’s response was a violent crackdown, turning London into a militarized zone, and quickly spreading military forces out from the capital to control outlying areas. While resistance intensified across the United Kingdom, especially in North Ireland and Scotland, the aid of NATO and the U.S. helped contain the violence for a few years.

The murders, however, spurred on protesters in many other countries, and governments that did not rapidly militarize quickly found their systems of rule dismantled by angry populations. Trials were held in Spain, Italy, Greece, and other countries in an attempt to appease violent riots. Condemned as kangaroo courts by the remaining stable EU nations, these trials resulted in executions and life-term imprisonments for several former legislators and career politicians.

The peak of the solar storms that had begun more than half a decade earlier resulted in the loss of over 50 percent of the satellites orbiting Earth. As many digital satellite television providers, cell phone companies, GPS providers, and other sat-based industries tried to recover, Western economies suffered even more. Many companies went bankrupt due to lack of funding to relaunch satellites and lack of governmental support for space programs. Nearly all of the remaining companies sold themselves to larger corporations or government entities within their home countries, furthering fears of Big Brother states, given national control of telecom networks in most first world countries. China and India’s strengthened space programs provided opportunities to many companies to begin a slow and expensive recovery, while helping further solidify Chinese monopolization of technological advances.

Multiple governments made accusations against one another (Americans against Chinese, Iranians against Israelis and Americans, Pakistanis against Indians, etc) that cyberattacks were being used to assess defensive capabilities of possible enemies. These claims were always quickly denied, although as a result of the attacks, America, China, and Iran amended their rules of engagement to include possible military response to computer hacks on government networks. More invasive surveillance legislation was also passed in all the aforementioned countries, legalizing many anti-insurgency monitoring tactics that had already been used for years on civilian populations.

2014 — Under the auspices of streamlining and efficiency, the American government nationalized several large corporations, immediately folding them into the bureaucratic machine that was Washington. Many U.S. citizens protested the moves against private industry, for fear that economic recovery had been all but abandoned by their government in favor of rapid militarization, federalization, and the formation of a police state. As more companies either willingly nationalized or were purchased by the federal government, protests started in earnest across the United States.

Fortunately for those in power, a strong National Guard presence as well as a smart distribution of military forces to population centers’ law enforcement agencies ensured that all protests were contained. With the propaganda machine in full effect, many American people were lulled back to sleep with promises of access once more to cheap housing, high credit limits, and gas that didn’t cost five dollars a gallon. The government only delivered on the last promise before dissolving, and only through subsidies that hid the reality that oil cost over the equivalent of 150USD per barrel. Despite the continued push for radical change by an ever growing number of discontented citizens, the lack of a united and organized revolt never produced any major overhauls in the American government in its final years.

2015 — More markets switched away from the USD to either the Euro or Yuan, signaling what was the unmistakable end of American foreign economic power. As they shored up against uncertain times, the American government began negotiations with regional leaders in an attempt to form a new super country on the North American landmass. Following these meetings, several South American countries threw in together and established a trade union of their own for increased strength and viability in the changing global market and the pressing energy and food crises.

Israel held turnover elections, and a new ultra-hardline government stepped in, the likes of which had not been seen since the Six Day War. An immediate recension of the territorial recognition of Palestine was followed by protests in the occupied territories and abroad. Fast and aggressive crackdowns combined with military excursions returned many former Palestinian territories to Jewish rule, and the dream of Palestinian sovereignty died before winter began.

Terror attacks from suicide bombings to rocket sieges against the Jewish state increased tenfold, and by end of the year, Israel was under martial law. The imposition of such a status on the country didn’t seem to have an effect on the insurgent activities, however — attacks continued without interruption as Israeli Defense Forces were spread too thin after the latest campaign. Talk of changing conscription laws began in the Knesset.

2016 — Going a step beyond the Latin and South American Trade Union, the countries of Canada, Mexico, and the United States formed a new super country they called the North American Coalition. Enacted as a temporary emergency measure, each government quickly forced through laws to make the change possible while suspending the normal operation of their respective nations. Many television and radio pundits hailed the measure as a long time coming, attempting to groom the public to blindly accept the transition. Journalists and press that questioned or attempted to call attention to the event as anything other than necessary quickly found themselves without jobs, and often imprisoned on false charges. Some were released by judges who still respected the idea of justice, but many more were jailed indefinitely.

A new government formed, consisting of the current political leaders of each of the three member states. The NAC immediately began to establish new trade policies within its substates, now called Territories, and no longer followed the traditional boundaries set by any one of its member countries. Each Territory had a legislative body composed of a mish-mash of legislatures from the previous substates, but endowed with very little actual power. Instead, most bureaucratic responsibility and decision making was handed to the regional Governors, appointed by majority decision in closed NAC legislative sessions. Many were men and women of power and influence in their region, some wealthy, some already in politics, but all willing to follow orders from the Coalition to the letter.

2017 — On May 23rd, the 50thYom Yerushalim, Jerusalem was devastated by a nuclear weapon of unknown size and delivery method, but believed to be semi-truck carried and strategic in magnitude. An elite team of known Al Qaeda operatives were seen with the weapon at an Israeli truck stop in footage delivered to Al Jazeera and verified by the National Security Bureau of the NAC. All that is certain, even now, decades later, is that the blast completely destroyed the Holy City.

Forty-eight minutes after the initial incident, the remaining leadership of Israel responded to the attack by emptying their nuclear arsenal on all nations considered hostile in accordance with the perceived wrongs to its interests: Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, and other Islamic states were turned to wastelands. The first strikes hit Riyadh, Tehran, Mecca, Beirut, Cairo, and other high population areas. Secondary and tertiary strikes across the Gulf wiped out massive oil reserves and plunged the entire region into chaos. Pakistan and India, fearing nuclear Armageddon, engaged each other in nuclear hostilities and in land war, while China attempted to shut down both of those countries from worsening the situation. Remaining Israeli military forces fought to the death against retaliatory incursions from Arab nations seeking revenge for the nuclear strikes on their peoples. The final battles between Jew and Arab ended in the shadows of mushroom clouds.

In the East, after mutually assured destruction engulfed the hemisphere, only China and Russia emerged with non-crippled nation-states. Before the atmospheric effects of the firestorm that was Jerusalem alone were even felt, the Middle East was turned into a radioactive zone of death and ash. The toll from the initial nuclear exchanges was estimated to be over a hundred million before media outlets were ordered to stop broadcasting information or video of the events. While some stations ignored these directives, very little footage was aired, and the remaining governments across the globe declared their relative forms of martial law. Protests against the information blackout started internationally, with demonstrations of people screaming “Show us Jerusalem!” Strict curfews and active military presences within most cities were used to make sure the cries remained cries alone, and not revolutionary action.

The total death toll now is estimated to have been over a billion human lives, more than one seventh the total population of Earth at the time. With the massive fallout of the nuclear holocaust hovering over the burning and irradiated oil fields of the Middle East, the price of petroleum reached an all time high in countries that still had access to reserves, and the collapse of global agriculture, medicine, and transport quickly followed. While many countries began to make attempts to pull coalitions ever closer, several were secretly planning military operations to allow them to gain control over foreign oil in order to prevent their own internal collapses.

2018 — The United Nations dissolved early in the year, having lost many member nations in the months prior, and NATO forces everywhere began to withdraw back to their home countries. Most remarkably, this included American forces, who were recalled to ensure that the home front was secure against its own citizenry — there was nothing more to gain by maintaining a position of power in the glassed craters of the Middle East.

Some of the regions in Africa and Eastern Europe previously safeguarded by NATO peacekeepers found increased incidents of banditry and violence in fringe regions and rural areas. It was suspected that multiple mercenary groups formed out of the disbanded global military, most led by former special forces or other elite personnel.

This problem was a minor concern compared to the beginnings of massive fallout from the previous year’s nuclear exchange. Dark clouds of dust and sand ionized by trapped solar particles delivered radioactive water and constant arcing lightning across the Middle East, flooding the charred glass plains. The few surviving peoples in the region either evacuated or perished. Pakistan and India’s ongoing war petered out as their populations plummeted from cancer and starvation. China, Russia, and the African Union formed the SRAC (Sino-Russo-African Council), a new global alliance aimed at stabilizing areas of the world abandoned by the United Nations and the NAC. Relief efforts started in the spring, and by winter the majority of the African population was resettled in the cleaner regions of the continent.

2019 — The SRAC began to invite other nations to join it in unity against the criminality of the Western powers who had, from their point of view, created the situation that was currently threatening the globe. Several eastern European countries soon left the EU, and even Japan, Australia, and New Zealand found themselves in need of the protection and support offered to them by the SRAC. It took several months before South Korea made any overtures of alliance, but their declaration of unity with the SRAC in May brought about a surprise nuclear strike from North Korea on the orders of a reclusive Kim-Jong Un and his ruling military council.

Having made public statements against the Japanese prior to the attack on Seoul, he then ordered a series of ‘preventative’ attacks against Japan, all while South Korean remnant forces and SRAC shock troops pushed through to Pyongyang. As North Korea fell and the peninsula reunited, the Supreme Leader ordered a final strike against Japan and China, firing multiple nuclear warheads. While several warheads headed toward China were disabled by EMP fields or anti-missile systems, three of the non-malfunctioning warheads managed to hit Japan, causing massive devastation in the remaining population centers. The destruction of Tokyo became ‘the new Jerusalem’ when news of the event was censored worldwide.

North Korea fell by the winter, and the SRAC claimed sole victory. The world began to look to it for guidance.

2020 — Justifying its actions with threats of cyberattacks from enemies both foreign and domestic, the NAC enabled the greatest communications filter ever seen. Created through years of research by public and private entities, SCOUT (Surveillance and Counterintelligence to Overturn and Undermine Terrorism) was a spy system unlike any other, capable of both capturing and filtering voice data through VoIP or phone, and data sent through the Internet or most wireless networks, as well as tying listening devices from various municipalities into a national system. The majority of SCOUT was not new technology, but simply integration of existing systems.

The Anti-Nuclear Weapons Ban was signed by the NAC and SRAC in an attempt to allay fears of another Cold War similar to the one fought in the previous century between the United States and Russia. Critics of the ban attacked it from both sides of the political spectrum, in all countries. Left-leaning liberals decried the ban as ineffective, as it allowed for the same ‘consolidation without reduction’ loopholes as previous nuclear agreements, while right-leaning conservatives rallied against the idea of any capitulation to foreign power.

Both sides ultimately caved when it came to the ratification of the agreement, since no politician wanted to be identified as ‘pro-nuclear war’; however, many politicians used the signing as an excuse to resign their posts, and several of them made public statements against the NAC Governor’s Board and the SRAC’s Council Of Leaders in the press conferences announcing their retirements. As a result, the remaining press and journalism rights in any country belonging to any major faction were stripped. All that remained on the average television or radio and the majority of a filtered Internet was propaganda.

2021 — After finding a seditious agent of the SRAC serving as a page to an NAC Senator, the Governor’s Board announced the dissolution of the senate, in order to “rapidly respond to threats without waiting on signatures.” While this was publicly hailed in the press as a brilliant tactic, many NAC Territories erupted in protest. The demonstrations came and went in waves. Lack of major concentrated movement against the government allowed for easy suppression of the protesters. By winter, most public demonstrations were forbidden, and large gatherings of people were permitted only under the supervision of the NAC military police.

2022 — The remaining privately held corporations within the NAC were nationalized, the majority of their own volition, though a few attempted to fight the acquisitions through the corrupt legal system. All failed. A dramatic restructuring of the government began, with many municipal executive branches’ law enforcement entities rolled under federal control. Curfews were standard in all population centers, and propaganda reached an all time high as suicide rates also climbed to record levels. Protests in many cities were commonplace, and in some isolated cases, the citizenry managed to overthrow their local government. Any time this occurred, a media blackout of the situation followed, and the NAC sent in elite ‘peace-keeping’ forces to eliminate any opposition.

By the end of 2022, the majority of NAC citizens lived in ‘Territory Capitals’ such as New York, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and other major cities. Many rural areas were either purchased at very low prices or simply seized by NAC soldiers, and a massive restructuring of the agricultural system commenced. The idea was to create sustainable long term farming both for the subsistence of a now-starving NAC citizenry, and for eventual resale and profit on the global market.

A growing minority of people found fault with the propaganda regarding the NAC’s food plans, and understood that the lack of a plan to deal with the collapse signaled that the NAC was trying to appease the citizenry, instead of solving the real issues facing the nation. Many people left the cities to return to the frontiers of nature, hoping that they could do better without the government than with it. Initially, this was discouraged with incentive programs to move into Territory Capitals, but when hacktivist journalism revealed that certain survivalist communities had been wiped out by NAC soldiers, many more people began to flee cities under NAC control.

2023 — To prevent a mass exodus of upper class citizens looking to strike out on their own, the NAC locked down the major cities, promising that it was only a temporary measure to ensure the safety of those in the Territory Capitals. This was reinforced through the media, but a growing number of citizens found their way around the SCOUT system, accessing amateur and retired journalists.

Most famously, a comedian removed from television in 2016 for questioning the government now led an underground press movement, where people investigated, collaborated, and exchanged information freely, sharing with anyone who could access it. Though NAC leadership had assembled a task force to locate him and his compatriots, smart technology use and a growing underground movement allowed them to hide and continue to speak out.

2024 — The SRAC began to practice air and naval exercises in North African and Eastern European countries, drawing condemnation from the NAC and EU. However, as the SRAC was responsible for more than seventy percent of the world’s gross domestic product, they found themselves disinterested in the cries of the West, and continued to flaunt their military strength.

As violence and corruption overtook the Trade Union to the south, the NAC closed its national borders, barring citizens from traveling to other nations for any reason for “fear of their safety.”

2025 — The NAC dissolved the individual Territories within its borders, becoming a federalized military / police state. Riots and threats of secession began immediately.

The Council of Leaders addressed the world in a global broadcast, overriding normal NAC and EU frequencies, calling to all people of the world to unite against oppression and tyranny, and inviting them to join the SRAC. The EU immediately responded with several high brow conferences, and even organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and the Project for the New American Century called emergency sessions. Several prominent NAC citizens and Governors as well as various directors of major NAC departments left for the meetings. The isolationist stance the NAC claimed to maintain seemed to be a facade, though only a minority of the population was able to gain access to any actual investigative journalism that might have revealed these facts.

No military action commenced, though the NAC was quick to announce the refielding of the Joint Strike Fighter and Raptor aircraft programs, reasserting Western air superiority. Talk of a second Cold War began, and the NAC even started to sell bomb and chemical weapon shelters through its nationalized corporations, both reinforcing the idea of a great looming enemy in the SRAC while filling the national coffers for possible war.

Spring 2026 — The NAC began mass deportations, kicking out all non-citizens, including visiting aliens. With few exceptions, each territory was relatively ‘alien free’ as raids into homes by NAC commandos cleared out most immigrant shelters from Old Canada to Old Mexico. Protests against the NAC intensified.

Summer 2026 — The NAC Governor’s Board established the Freedom MARKet, a subdermal implant to serve as both an identifier for the implanted citizen, as well as an electronic payment system tied to individual finances. This was done under the auspices of increasing the strength of the NAC economy and guaranteeing safety for the average NAC citizen. It was initially a volunteer program, with the stated goal of being mandatory by the turn of the decade. Many celebrities and politicians made grand press statements about the ease of the operation and the comforts and security offered by the implant. Government subsidies made it very easy for many vendors to switch to MARKet standard trade.

Fall 2026 — Anonymous, a global hacktivist organization, revealed that the Freedom MARKet had an undocumented feature. The power cells in the sub-dermal implants, fueled by the bio-electric energy of the human body, were capable of both receiving and sending charges. While the NAC Governors attempted to initially discredit the report, several educational institutions took in volunteers who had been implanted to remove and study the Freedom MARKet devices. As Anonymous’ claims were verified, theories about the purpose of the discharge feature started traveling word-of-mouth across the Territories — the media and press didn’t carry the story. They focused instead on denouncing the SRAC’s growing military buildup along the EU’s borders.

Anonymous followed up their initial revelation by illustrating with a kidnapped NAC Governor that the MARKet implants were capable of delivering incredibly violent levels of ‘discouragement’ when remotely triggered. The video, before it was censored by SCOUT, was seen in millions of homes. What started as a disturbing recording of a man being electro-shocked turned into an enraged call for resistance against the NAC as people who saw it realized the implications: the NAC had a crowd control device built into anyone who was participating in the Freedom MARKet.

Winter 2026 — The “scarring” movement, as it later became known, was in full swing. The majority of Freedom MARKet volunteers removed their implants at home, many destroying them in the process. A few deaths were trumped up by the NAC as reason to not trust the video report from Anonymous, but the constant re-appraisal by Governors as to the actual reason for the shock feature led to an angry citizenry and increased protests against the federal state both in-continent and abroad.

The NAC arrested several Anonymous members, and jailed them “pending trial.”

Spring 2027 — Canadian Coalition states declared independence. They closed and militarized their borders. Initial attempts by NAC leadership to recapture the territories by surgical and then strategic military action were soundly defeated. Discontent and disruption in the populace reached an all-time high.

Summer 2027 — Most Mexican Coalition forces that were not already corrupt were either killed or expelled by Mestozilian cartels: gangs that came from the former Brazilian nationalist state, integrating with the then-conquered Colombian cartels. Operating in Old Mexico since it wasOld, they now had free run of the country and its NAC weaponry. This secession was basically ignored by the NAC leadership, who were concentrating on internal strife and the looming downfall of their European Union allies.

Fall 2027 — Texas and a few former states and counties on its borders seceded to become the Lone Star Confederacy. NAC loyalists fled, converted, or, in some cases, died. The response from the NAC was swift, harsh, and ultimately ineffective, as the well-armed populace supported by the standing LSC Army (mostly comprised of former NAC local military) were fully capable of defending their own lands. In October of 2027, the LSC deployed tactical nuclear weaponry on the Mestozilian cartels. They reasoned that they formed their independence on the standing threat of said cartels, and as such, this military action was the will of the people, but the message was clear: any violation of the newly declared sovereignty of the LSC territories would be met with brutal force.

Winter 2027 — NAC made another push for LSC territory, and the choice to do so led to the Great Secession, and the end of any semblance of unity in what was once the proud United States. The secession started with Washington, California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. By the new year, the area west of the Mississippi was composed of the North Western States, South Western Territories, Mid Western Union, and miscellaneous smaller factions inside the Lone Star Confederacy.

Spring 2028 — The remaining puppet masters in the NAC were subverted by a military coup, and the territory was rebranded as the Eastern United Front. The other states quickly formed the Western State Coalition, taking the name in part to prod at the failings of the EUF to maintain separation of military and government. The EUF immediately engaged in full war, actively pushing into LSC and MWU territory.

The SRAC began a military campaign into Germany which ended quickly with the help of citizen revolts inside the European powerhouse. This was quickly followed by a ‘People’s Revolution’ in France, led by SRAC insurgents, which destabilized the French government and allowed for a rapid ‘democratic’ takeover by SRAC military and bureaucracy.

Fall 2028 — After months of devastating war, the WSC and EUF ground to a halt against each other as the rest of the world crumbled in the background. Africa and China stormed the rest of Europe from the south while Russia blitzed in from the north and east. While full thermonuclear war was averted due to the Anti-Nuclear Weapons Ban of 2020, dirty bombs and tactical strikes leveled cities around the globe. The EUF and WSC war escalated to include such attacks by the time winter came, though the use of nuclear weaponry was largely avoided in the former U.S. — sufficiently advanced thermobaric technology allowed for “cleaner” forms of total annihilation.

All sides in all conflicts were running thin on resources to feed their populations, let alone wage the wars they were currently engaged in. The SRAC was only able to continue the push into Europe through the use of labor camps for dissenting citizens of occupied territories. These camps were primarily located in Africa, where agricultural modernization was finally taking place at the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Winter 2028 — Known as The Dark Winter. So called for the mass blackouts and terrifying casualties. Disease, exposure, starvation, and murder, be it in battle or in bed, took a heavy toll on the human population. The SRAC pushed further into Europe, with the first SRAC air raids on London starting in December. As the remaining loyalist government forces fought back against the coming armies, much of the civilian population turned to the SRAC as their best hope against what they saw as corrupt regimes — this was most famously evidenced when Irish freedom fighters suicide bombed Big Ben, destroying the famous British landmark and further demoralizing the English population’s resistance movement.

The lightning storms resulting from the heavy use of thermonuclear weaponry spread across great stretches of the sky, and hampered attempts to reestablish arable land around more than half the globe. Continued droughts in even once-tropical climates brought about the total collapse of agriculture. Turbulent climate chaos flooded coastal cities around the planet and created super storms beyond the measure of any conventional meteorological designation.

Without the available resources to carry on even a facade of normalcy, all semblances of economy, wealth, and value started to disappear. Human dignity took a backseat to greed and desperation. Life had become merely a matter of survival as the world’s infrastructure rapidly crumbled.

Spring 2029 — Still fighting for control of a dying nation, the Great Civil War resumed in full with the thawing of the North American continent. Both the EUF and WSC seemed unconcerned with the impending fall of Europe and what it could mean for the rest of the world. The continued push by the SRAC into Europe had put infantry onto English soil. Desperate nuclear attacks dotted the globe as the remaining armies began to fight their last wars.

As the lights went out in Europe, a cabal of scientists and former men and women of global influence, located in a bunker underneath Winchester Cathedral, decided to release SNV: an experimental retrovirus that was originally designed as a last resort defense. The virus quickly killed any exposed human being, without exception, but also had the capability to piggy back into the blood stream of other oxygen-consuming life, making it incredibly effective at breaking sieges and routing invading forces. A weapon of this kind could never have been used in eras prior, despite the controllers of the virus having developed earlier versions of the cellular reaper decades before — no nation could have stood by and watched the horror of such a thing unleashed even on a small, tactical scale.

A tactical scale was impossible for SNV, however, as extended time in the nutrient baths used for replication led to an unprecedented and unaccounted-for concentration of the virus in each of the many miniature warheads. The amount released and the nature of Earth’s atomically disturbed atmosphere caused the virus to spread over five hundred times the intended ‘defensive’ deployment area. Vast swaths of the globe were exposed on the morning of April 19th, and the human species suffered the greatest population drop in its existence.

In affected areas, only those in effective shelters survived. The human population was reduced to less than five percent its number in 2016.

Summer 2029 — People across the world not dead from the virus emerged into a silent existence. All fighting had stopped. There were no governments, no powers. Industry, business, life as it has been understood, was gone. Food had become poison, the sky a deadly remnant of the firestorms that consumed the cities of Earth. Those that prepared and survived tried to carry on. Many failed. Some managed to live.

Humanity continues.


2 comments on “Speculation

  1. joe Z says:

    Amazing insight and understanding of a complex and often polarized future. I am very interested in reading more of your work if it is available. Nice work and keep it up! Cheers! ………………………links? or future projects ? 🙂

    • twobitmatt says:

      The entire first book is written but currently undergoing some edits. That said, if you want to read some other fiction, you can feel free to peruse my personal writing blog at twobitmatt.com — that said, what did you like in particular about the timeline?

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